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May 13

See Which Twitterers Don’t Follow You Back In 15 Lines of Python

Using Python to display which Twitter users you follow don't follow you back.

Jan 29

Posting to Twitter from Python

Using this minimalist Twitter API library for Python makes tweeting from code a breeze.

Sep 12

Converting a URL into a Link in C# Using Regular Expressions

A C# code snippet that detects URLs and coverts them to links.

Sep 06

Retrieving Twitter Status ("Tweets") Via Twitter API Using LINQ to XML

How to retrieve your twitter status using .net and linq to xml...

Aug 27

JavaScript Cookie Utility

javascript cookie utility functions

Aug 19

Sorting (dropdown) Select Options Using jQuery

A snippet of JavaScript to sort a select dropdown using jQuery

Aug 18

Consuming a (delicious) RSS Feed Using LINQ to XML

An example of using LINQ to XML for consuming an RSS feed

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