Dec 14

Google Custom Search Engine for Your Site/Blog

Google Custom Search Engine is a great option for a blog's search feature.

One of the features that I have been procrastinating to implement is search. Every site needs some kind of search. For a site with basic needs (like a blog), Google Custom Search Engine is a great option. You offload all the indexing to the company that does it best, and its free! You can even make some money by enabling adsense in your search results.

It was super easy to do, just fill in a form and copy/paste the html into the master page.

I did find something a little funny and annoying on the custom search engine site (control panel). I was using the Chrome browser and got a great message at the top of the site saying that the site didn't support my browser:

The control panel does not fully support this Web browser. We recommend at least Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 6.

Google Custom Search


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