Nov 02

Five Quotes from #PDC08

Great quotes I heard in the talks at PDC08

I went to my first PDC last week and it didn't disappoint. The food was ok, the snacks and booze were good, and the talks were great!

By now there are probably a bunch of blogs posts about what went down (cloud computing/Azure, Win 7), so I will just list some great quotes I heard in the talks at PDC08 (they were funny in context at the time, now they don't seem so funny anymore).

  • "this is real world development, it isnt always pretty... it's a sausage factory" - Jeff Atwood while explaining the current ~5% test coverage of stackoverflow.
  • "MVC is manual transmission and webforms is automatic" - Phil Haack explain the MVC pattern.
  • "there is some goodness in the language... suprisingly" - Douglas Crockford referring to javascript during the future of programming languages panel.
  • "This is available today, so you don't have to wait until 2012" - Miguel de Icaza during his Mono and .Net talk.
  • "writing code is fun, we don't do it for money - Luca Bolognese during his F# talk.

I had a great time at PDC08 and am ready to book my tix for next year :). Be sure to check out all the talks on channel 9 for FREEEEEEEEEEE.


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