Sep 03

Firefox is dead... VIVA LA FIREFOX!

My initial impression of Google Chrome

Like every other web developer/professional and their grandma, I downloaded and installed the shiny new Google Chrome browser as soon as I found out it was available. The install was very fast and painless, I even missed the option where you can tell it not to import settings from your default browser (argh)...

Surfing the web with Chrome is a treat. The internet(s) feel so much faster and the browser itself, being so simple and minimal, stays out of the way. My feeling is that this browser is game changing. If there was any remaining doubt about JavaScript, this squashes it and takes the language to the next level for developing full blown enterpise applications.

My first test was to try my favorite IM application - meebo, which I know is a resource hog. FF3 is consuming 100K+ of RAM to run meebo while Chrome is consuming 28K for meebo, 24K for the Browser and 6.5K for Flash (I guess meebo is using Flash), for a total of less than 60K. That is a very significant improvement.

Not only is this browser nicer to my RAM, it is very speedy (orders of magnitude better than the other browsers out there).

Will this new browser be able to gain a significant market share of the browser market? If anything, this browser will push the other browsers vendors to improve their products. But I believe Chrome will be here to stay. In less than a day, it has almost 3% market share according to GetClicky.

Everybody's guess is that Chrome will eat into Firefox's market share. This might be true at first, since the technical community will be the early adopters. But if there is anybody that can get IE6 users to try out a new browser, it is Google. And I hope they succeed at doing so!

Will I be using Chrome? No doubt I will. At a minimum to run meebo so that I can save some resources on my laptop. Will it completely replace my Firefox usage? No way! At least not right now. It is still missing the Addon architecture. I can't live without Firebug, the Delicious toolbar, the web dev toolbar, http live headers, add n edit cookies, etc. I am sure it will get there, but for now I will split time between the browsers.

Update (9/3/08): John Resig got busy and did some performance testing.

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