Aug 16

Feature Wishlist

This is my initial list of wanted features for this site

Here is a list of public facing features that I plan on adding to this site (and blog about) in the near future:

  • RSS - can't have a blog without it
  • Gravatars for comments
  • Some sort of comment filter/spam catcher
  • Markdown Editor for comments
  • Blog post paging (I can't have them all show up on the home page)
  • Post Tags
  • Post-specific metadata (meta keywords and description)
  • Search
  • Archives
  • Syntax highlighting for code in blog posts and comments
  • Mobile friendly
  • Threaded comments (still undecided if I really want this)
  • JavaScript/AJAX (my favorite part)
  • Some integration with Twitter, Flickr, etc.
  • Accessibility features (alternate font sizes, high contrast version, ARIA, etc.)

I have made it a point to not put in any JavaScript (other than the Google Analytics snippet) until I am happy with the set of features. This way I will ensure that the site works fully without it, and I will then "progressively enhance" the experience from there. It is one of the big benefits of the MVC framework over WebForms, which throw in a bunch of ghetto JavaScript on the page for doing postbacks, etc.

There are also a ton of backend/admin features that I will need to add to the blog in order to make it easy to maintain. For example, the Atom Publishing Protocol looks interesting for creating and editing posts from tools such as Windows Live Writer. But I really won't know what I need or want until I do this enough.

What else am I missing?


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