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Nov 24

django-mingus forked #sitesprint

I will be using django-mingus as the base for the reimplementation of

Nov 17

Sprinting the #sitesprint

I'll be participating in the SiteSprint II to reimplement this site.

Aug 12

Converting a URL into a Link in JavaScript - Linkify Function

A useful function to process text converting all URLs into links

Jul 01

JavaScript startsWith and endsWith Implementation for Strings

An implementation of endsWith and startsWith functions for strings in JavaScript

May 27 - Twitter API Explorer

A Twitter API Explorer web site/application I built for interacting with the Twitter API calls.

May 13

See Which Twitterers Don’t Follow You Back In 15 Lines of Python

Using Python to display which Twitter users you follow don't follow you back.

Apr 28

Improved GeoIP Lookup Function in Python

An improved python function for calling a better Geo IP lookup service

Mar 10

Quick and Dirty GeoIP Lookup Function in Python

A python function for calling Geo IP lookup service

Feb 07

Akismet Spam Detection in .Net

A code sample for spam detection in .net using akismet api.

Jan 29

Posting to Twitter from Python

Using this minimalist Twitter API library for Python makes tweeting from code a breeze.

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