Posts for September 2008

Sep 28

ASP.Net and jQuery Get Married

jQuery to be integrated into Visual Studio and officially supported by Microsoft.

Sep 21

ASP.Net Logging Using NLog

My experience implementing logging on this site using NLog. It was very easy!

Sep 16

Simple HtmlHelper Extension for Paging in ASP.Net MVC

This post discusses modifications to the (I)PagedList and extending HtmlHelper for simple paging.

Sep 12

Converting a URL into a Link in C# Using Regular Expressions

A C# code snippet that detects URLs and coverts them to links.

Sep 06

Retrieving Twitter Status ("Tweets") Via Twitter API Using LINQ to XML

How to retrieve your twitter status using .net and linq to xml...

Sep 03

Firefox is dead... VIVA LA FIREFOX!

My initial impression of Google Chrome

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