Posts for August 2008

Aug 29

Upgraded to ASP.NET MVC Preview 5

Upgraded to MVC Preview 5 and it was easy!

Aug 28

The Opposite of the NOSCRIPT Element (YesScript? / ScriptOnly?)

In search of the opposite of NOSCRIPT...

Aug 27

JavaScript Cookie Utility

javascript cookie utility functions

Aug 24

Using the HTML <button /> element in place of <input type="submit" />

The benefits of using the HTML BUTTON element

Aug 19

Sorting (dropdown) Select Options Using jQuery

A snippet of JavaScript to sort a select dropdown using jQuery

Aug 18

Consuming a (delicious) RSS Feed Using LINQ to XML

An example of using LINQ to XML for consuming an RSS feed

Aug 17

Creating an RSS Feed in ASP.NET MVC

A short tutorial of a simple implementation of an RSS feed in an ASP.NET MVC site

Aug 16

Feature Wishlist

This is my initial list of wanted features for this site

Aug 15

About This Site and Blog

What this site is all about...

Aug 14

Hello World

My first blog post on this site.

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