Dec 31

2008: Thanks and Goodbye!

A short summary of the highlights of 2008 as I remember them today.

I really can't think of anything to complain about this year that is about to end. What happened in 2008?

  • My daughter had her first birthday and my wife and I completed our Project 365, where we took a picture of our daughter every day in her first year of life. My daughter went on to grow from a baby to a toddler to a beautiful young girl.

    November 27

  • I bought a house and have been really enjoying it, and the pool that came along with it ;).

  • I got promoted at work to Presentation Layer Architect.

  • A web site I worked on for 8-10 months (who's counting?) had a pretty successful launch.

  • I started this blog and posted 23 times including this last post of the year.

  • I gave Twitter a try and got addicted. I am still loving it! As of right now I am following 66, have 47 followers and I updated 933 times.

  • I went to Microsoft PDC and it was awesome.

  • I got an iPhone and love it. Best app? iFart mobile ;)

  • I picked up the basics of python and django and am looking forward to doing some harm with them in 2009.

  • I feel that I am much better at web development, javascript, and software development in general by paying more attention to design patterns, OOD and S.O.L.I.D. principles.

  • I dropped over 20 pounds from my all-time high weight last winter.

  • I went from barely being able to run 1 mile without stopping to recently completing 8 miles averaging 11 minutes/mile. Huge thanks to my Nike+ for keeping me motivated. I started using it in mid August and logged ~210 miles.

Here is to a great 2009! KTHXBAI


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